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GCCF Supreme Show 2023! Russian Cats Rule!🥰🥰💙🖤

Where to start!!??

I am ridiculously delighted to announce that Rocky and Charlie have earned their first titles as very young adults! Aka Champion Lapochka Cerulean-Rockstar and Premier Lapochka Cerulean-Charleston!!

Charlie earned his 3rd qualifying certificate at the Supreme Show and Rocky earned his 2 weeks previously at the Russian Blus Breeders Association show.

In addition to this, at the Supreme, Charlie also earned best of breed Russian Blue Male Neuter. Rocky won best of breed Russian Blue Adult and then won Reserve Section 4 Adult Best of Variety!!! The winner of Section 4 Adult Best of Variety was a beautiful Russian Black so essentially the 2 top adult section 4 cats were Russians!!! An amazing accomplishment in such a tough category.

My boys are only 11 months old, I am beyond proud of their success to date and I'm sure I will continue to be amazed and impressed by them!🥰🥰

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